DIY Projects || Future Outdoor Fireplace?

DIY Projects || Future Outdoor Fireplace?

We have a big yard.

When we first moved into our current house, it was a MESS and needed a LOT of TLC. The previous owners vacated the property and the house sat for 2 years not maintained. When we purchased it, the yard was massively overgrown, toilets were broken, walls were filthy, the carpet was rancid and had to be replaced, and the house just needed a good overall scrubbing and cleaning. It was needing a MAJOR makeover. 

Over the last 6 years of living here we have done a lot to improve our house and make it our home. From renovating the kitchen, building a super cute shed, and fixing the laundry room that was torn out when the previous owners up and left. We've (meaning, I design it and Jerry builds it) also have made multiple furniture pieces in our home, which has been a lot of fun! So why not start dreaming about creating an outdoor fireplace?! AM I RIGHT?! 

When we started doing projects in our backyard, I wanted to divide our yard into focal points. Since we built a pretty large outbuilding/shed where it would be seen from the house, I wanted it to match our house for resale value. Not to mention, if I am going to look at it every day, it had to be cute!

But back to the fireplace.

I have ALWAYS loved outdoor fireplaces. They are dreamy looking and just downright awesome. We have this massive space in our backyard and we are starting to draw up plans and pull together ideas for doing a little DIY. So here are some ideas I've pulled off Pinterest.

This is our favorite look. Rustic and cozy!

This is our favorite look. Rustic and cozy!


As you can see in the images below, our yard is sloped. So creating a curved wall that will also act as a retaining wall will have to be a part of the design element.


It's definitely going to take some doing and man power. But I know the finished product is going to be such a beautiful space and awesome place to gather as a family and enjoy throughout the seasons!

So? What do you think?! Should we do it?!

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