Carving Out Quiet

We live in a loud busy world.

The moment our head lifts off the pillow, the grind of the day floods in. To-do lists, family lists, agendas, school sports, work meets, work lists…etc. it is all there waiting for you when you wake up. And if you are a homeschooling family like ours, school curriculum and daily chores are there drumming their fingers waiting to begin.

Words || The Life and Death They Bring

We ALL know that words have power. They have the power to give life or tear it down. They can bring joy, comfort, encouragement, or they can sting like the pouring of salt water on an open wound. They can build others up, or they can bring death literally and figuratively. We ALL know this. Why? Because we have been affected by the power of words.

Fear - A Four Letter Word

Fear is a four letter word.

What if we had said no? Said no to adoption? Said no to his file? Said no to his medical needs? What if we said no out of fear? Because when it really boils down to it, it is fear that would have kept us from him and nothing else. Fear that our comfort would be disrupted. Fear that we couldn't handle, take on, or "deal."

Tell Me Another Story!

My daughter, particularly at bedtime, loves to ask us to tell stories. Stories from our childhood and from our past. She LOVES them. She even has some favorite neighbors she likes to visit and they too will tell her stories. The more detailed they are, the better. And when one story is over she will say, “Tell me another!” or “Tell me more!”

Front Porch Mornings

One of my favorite things about spring, summer, and fall is sitting out on my front porch, especially in the mornings. It is quiet. There isn’t a lot of movement other than the humming birds flying to the nearby feeder or rustling of the leaves from the wind. It’s my quiet place. And it’s needed.

I could NEVER...

Have you ever heard the statement: “I could never” preceded by what an individual felt like they could never do?

I have - on multiple occasions. But most of the time I hear that statement when someone finds out that I homeschool. And 9 times out of 10 what follows sounds a bit like this:

Fierce Faith || What Faith is NOT

What is faith? A belief system? Hoping? Wishful thinking? Anything you choose it to be?

In this post, we will look at what our culture says about Faith and cross examine it with Truth. Because if we profess to be Christians and believe that the Word of God, the Holy (and only) Bible is Truth - this is what we should absolutely be using as our MAIN reference tool for life. Period. Then when other things start to seep in, other ideas, voices, opinions, we check them by the Word and if they are NOT Biblical - we throw it out. One of the big ideas about Faith is that Faith is wishful thinking. A hope, desire, feel good feeling... However, Faith Is NOT Wishful thinking.

The Turquoise Table

Kristin Schell, the author of The Turquoise Table, was seeking and longing for community in her neighborhood. A way to connect and be more than just fenced neighbors. In a society that is all about building fences, creating seclusion, and withdrawing, Kristin had a deep longing to know those around her. And not just those who live directly on her street, but create a place of belonging, a safe place to gather and have community, and live out one of the greatest commandments: love God and love people.

Camping People vs Hotel People

Tents vs Trailers.

Okay - Here’s the deal. I grew up camping. Every Labor Day weekend my family would join a huge group of other families from our church and we would all go camping. It was a blast and I love the memories.

But now I’m that parent with this one kid who keeps asking me (obviously it’s Brooklynn) to go camping and “how much fun it would be” to go camping.

How I Survived Chuck E Cheese's

I had a goal in life as a parent: NEVER ENTER CHUCK E. CHEESE’S.

Okay - maybe it wasn’t a goal. But in all honesty, I have never had a strong desire to take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese. I envisioned it to be SUPER chaotic, tiny humans running all over the place, and the environment to both smell of child sweat and sugar. Not to mention, Chuck is a large rat, which I understand he was rebranded in the 90’s to be a mouse, but come on, he’s straight up creepy looking.

Speaking Engagement

In college I chose to get my B.A. Degree in Organizational Communication. Essentially, it is a business leadership degree, that I really truly enjoyed. Although, when I graduated, the “now what?” came on strong. I had NO clue what to do with this degree. I floundered and was frustrated and felt a tad lost. Okay, maybe not a tad lost, I was totally lost on “what I wanted to do with my life.” A place I think many graduates feel.

I didn’t have a specific vocation in mind. Unlike someone graduating with a nursing degree or teaching degree, my beloved Organizational Communication degree left me pathless.

Mama Bear Came Out [Inside]

I had my first mama-bear moment when something was said about Tristan. My claws came out, the hackles went up, and I had to retract them and walk away.

I have heard of people saying stupid things about adoptees, but so far, have only experienced it once in our year home with him.