Speaking Engagement

In college I chose to get my B.A. Degree in Organizational Communication. Essentially, it is a business leadership degree, that I really truly enjoyed. Although, when I graduated, the “now what?” came on strong. I had NO clue what to do with this degree. I floundered and was frustrated and felt a tad lost. Okay, maybe not a tad lost, I was totally lost on “what I wanted to do with my life.” A place I think many graduates feel.

I didn’t have a specific vocation in mind. Unlike someone graduating with a nursing degree or teaching degree, my beloved Organizational Communication degree left me pathless.

Mama Bear Came Out [Inside]

I had my first mama-bear moment when something was said about Tristan. My claws came out, the hackles went up, and I had to retract them and walk away.

I have heard of people saying stupid things about adoptees, but so far, have only experienced it once in our year home with him.

Doubt Destroys

Doubt is a thief.

It takes our hopes, dreams, desires, and turns them into fear. And fear is paralyzing.

But what if you STOPPED doubting? What if you looked doubt in the face and crushed it? What if you said, “I CAN” instead of “I can’t.” What if you said, “I am doing it anyways?”

A Year Ago Today || November 21, 2017

Today was our last full day together with our group. That day we headed to a HUUUUUGE shopping market, which I regretfully did not take a lot of pictures. We did a lot of shopping, but I did not adequately document this location. And it was IMPRESSIVE in size and the quantity of stuff.

A Year Ago Today || Consulate Apt - November 20, 2017

The day finally came for our Consulate Appointment. Unfortunately, cell phones are confiscated at security, so the only picture I have is outside the building.

Inside, we took oaths and also met with a U.S. Consulate Officer who went over our formal documents. These documents would make it so our son would become a U.S. Citizen the moment we touched down on U.S. soil.

A Year Ago Today || November 19, 2017

Adoption. It is such a life altering experience truly difficult to put into words. Adoption is beauty through tragedy. Redemption through abandonment. It will strip every emotion you have and bring it to the surface. It is an experience I am so grateful to have walked. And grateful to have experienced with these incredible families.

A Year Ago Today || November 18, 2017

For decades, adoptions were finalized in China on Shamian Island. The U.S. Consulate office use to be here and thousands upon thousands of families have walked these streets with their new children in hand. And while the U.S. Consulate has since moved, adoption groups still return to this historic place.

A Year Ago Today || November 17, 2017

After touring the orphanage on November 16th, we took our first flight with Tristan from Shanghai to Guangzhou , where the U.S. Consulate is.

The flight was itself was smooth. However, the sitting on the tarmac with a screaming 2 year old at nap time wasn’t so much on the smooth side. This was the first time I cried after having Tristan with us. And my sweet first sitting next to me just put her hand on my arm and said, “It’s okay, Mom.” Bless her.

A Year Ago Today || Orphanage Tour || November 16, 2017

How do you adequately put into words the experience of walking through an orphanage? The emotions that are running through your head. The thoughts that are consuming you.

For 2 years this was my son’s world… And 2 years is short compared to the many children who are still waiting. But let me tell you - 2 years is TOO long.

A Year Ago Today || November 15, 2017

Our second night was rough.

You know the statement, “don’t wake a sleeping bear”? Yeah - well, I accidentally did. I wasn’t sure if Tristan’s diaper was full or if he had pooped and I tried to change it… In the middle of the night.

A Year Ago Today || GOTCHYA! November 13, 2017

Today was the day.

We woke up early that morning. Partially from our internal clocks and also from excitement and anticipation.

Before heading to breakfast, Jerry and I gave Brooklynn a card we had written for her. Today wasn’t just a huge day for Jerry, myself, and Tristan. It was a monumental moment for Brooklynn. Her world as an only child for 8 years, was about to drastically change. But one thing I observed throughout our entire adoption process was her consistent excitement. She never once suggested we do otherwise. So this moment right here. These moments before we left our hotel to welcome Tristan into our family were huge.