Speaking Engagement

Speaking Engagement

In college I chose to get my B.A. Degree in Organizational Communication. Essentially, it is a business leadership degree, that I really truly enjoyed. Although, when I graduated, the “now what?” came on strong. I had NO clue what to do with this degree. I floundered and was frustrated and felt a tad lost. Okay, maybe not a tad lost, I was totally lost on “what I wanted to do with my life.” A place I think many graduates feel.

I didn’t have a specific vocation in mind. Unlike someone graduating with a nursing degree or teaching degree, my beloved Organizational Communication degree left me pathless.

Fast forward 5 years later and I would begin my career as a professional photographer. I never knew how much I LOVED being my own boss and business owner until I launched that career. It was a path and journey I know God has gifted me with. And while it may currently be on pause, taking a sabbatical if you will, it has shaped and refined me to be the person I am.

As a professional photographer, I have had the amazing privilege of speaking at photography conferences as well as teach workshops at my studio. I have met so many people who have welcomed me with open arms to document delicate and beautiful moments in their lives. It has provided me a platform to influence, teach, and help shape and guide the lives of others, which I am FOREVER grateful.

When we were in the process of adopting Tristan, I began this blog as a personal extension off my business website. A place I could open up even more and share our journey as well as my faith journey. It also provided an outlet for me while I processed, sifted through, and juggled a new life and new “identity” through massive change. And not just change with adoption, but change personally.

Letting go, closing doors (or having them closed for you) can be brutally painful. It can create angst and frustration. But in the midst of change, I chose to grasp and cling to truth. The truth that I knew God had and still has a purpose for my life. A purpose apart from “titles” and job positions. A purpose that would move and push my faith even more. Was it easy? AB-SO-LU-TE-LY NOT. It was painful and a process that I grieved. But God was (and still is) faithful. He surrounded me with people who spoke life and truth, purpose and meaning.

Our adoption journey was a journey I would repeat in a heartbeat. God’s DIVINE hand was (and still is) over every single moment. Miracles took place. Mountains were moved. And my trust was tested in mighty proportions and my faith was made stronger.

At the end of November 2018 I received a message asking me if I would be interested in speaking at our church’s women’s retreat. Now, mind you. Leading worship to hundreds of people I can do. Speaking to a small group of women sounds ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING. Yes, yes, I have spoken at photography conferences, taught workshops, photographed many many many weddings. But speaking at a women’s retreat - sweet Jesus help me.

So I said yes.


I am truly humbled and feel very honored to have been asked to speak. I do not take this lightly, yet can see and feel the full weight of the responsibility. God’s got this.

The first weekend in March I will be joining other amazing women in Sumas, Washington for a 3 day retreat from our daily grind. We will be unpacking what faith truly is and taking back the definition from how it has been distorted in today’s society. My hope and prayer is that every women that attends this retreat will leave with a fresh, bold, courageous, and fierce faith that is defined and rooted in Christ.


It is amazing how God works when we let Him. When we place our plans at His feet and say, “Lead me” vs “ Follow me.” This journey to speaking at a women’s retreat has got my nerves. But I am excited. Excited to share what God has been teaching me and to continue the conversation and journey with others.

I hope you will join me! CLICK HERE for more info and register!

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