Florida Vacay! Take me back!

Florida Vacay! Take me back!


It’s been a hot minute since I last wrote! Hoping to put more dedicated time into writing and sharing all the goings on.

I can’t believe that May is half way gone and summer is just around the corner!

We ended April and started our May off with our first family vacation since welcoming Tristan home. We decided to keep things super simple by flying across the entire United States from one end to the other starting in Seattle, WA and arriving in Fort Lauderdale, FL. At first I wasn’t sure how Tristan would do on a 6 hour flight, but then I had to remind myself that this was a puddle jump of a flight compared to the 12 hour flight we took from China, home.

Needless to say, HE DID GREAT! He was obsessed with the airplane and where our luggage went. He was also obsessed with the fact that we had to leave our “brown car” at a parking lot and that we were coming back for it. I love his 3 year old mind!

When we got on the flight, Jerry asked if kids could still say hello to the pilots and Tristan was able to sit in the pilot’s seat, which was just too cute!


The trip was a blast! Florida’s humidity constantly reminded of the episode of Friends when Monica got her hair braided and I was SOOO tempted to have my hair put in cornrows. (Not really.) But the humidity had nothing on my gel that is like glue and the Aussie Sprunch Spray that is LIFE to curly hair. Although – I do need to stay within 20 feet of any open flames due to the flammability.


The cruise we took was EPIC! We went on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas, which at the time, was the largest cruise ship in the world. Now they have their newest ship, Symphony of the Seas which trumps it. The ship in and of itself was awesome! There was SO much to do from water slides, rock climbing, live bands, mini-Broadway shows, to sipping cold drinks by the pool. It was an amazing ship and the food was fantastic!

Brooklynn pretty much lived in the water or on the flow rider. She rarely came out of the water, made friends with so many of the other kids on the ship, and had a blast! We were all a little sad when the cruise came to an end. However, were glad to be heading home to sleep in our own beds and not share a room anymore.


Now that we’re home we are awaiting summer like a kid waits for Christmas morning. The little Pacific Northwest teases here and there have been a happy welcome!


Special thanks to my parents for joining us on our first “family of four” vacay and joining in on the fun! Love you lots and love the memories we made!

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