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4 years ago I realized that I needed to make a health and fitness change. As a professional photographer, a lot of my post production editing takes place sitting at a desk. My days were filled with shoots then editing and not a whole lot of physical activity. Yeah, I did the elliptical here and there and ate okay. But I was sluggish, drank a LOT of coffee, and was constantly tired. Not to mention, I noticed my 30-something body wasn't quite as firm as it use to be. It was getting a little comfortable with sitting all day long.

So, I started researching. I needed an at-home fitness program that didn't take a lot of time. It couldn't be more than an hour, mainly because I knew I wouldn't last that long, and I wanted it to produce results. PLUS, going to the gym wasn't going to happen. I hate gyms.

Then I landed on Beachbody Fitness.

I had heard about Beachbody in the past when p90x came out and saw friend's of mine transform their bodies with that killer workout. But the 90 minute workouts wouldn't do for the amount of time that I had. So I landed on a 30 minute program and committed.

It wasn't about losing weight. It was purely about adding physical activity into my daily routine, eating better, and gaining muscle so that as I age, my body would age well and age strong.

Those 30 minutes a day have transformed my life. Now, I hope to encourage others and assist them in their health and fitness journey.

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