A Year Ago Today || GOTCHYA! November 13, 2017

A Year Ago Today || GOTCHYA! November 13, 2017

November 13, 2017

Today was the day.

We woke up early that morning. Partially from our internal clocks and also from excitement and anticipation.

Before heading to breakfast, Jerry and I gave Brooklynn a card we had written for her. Today wasn’t just a huge day for Jerry, myself, and Tristan. It was a monumental moment for Brooklynn. Her world as an only child for 8 years, was about to drastically change. But one thing I observed throughout our entire adoption process was her consistent excitement. She never once suggested we do otherwise. So this moment right here. These moments before we left our hotel to welcome Tristan into our family were huge.


While sitting down at breakfast, I noticed the music changed from nice simple background music, to music I recognized. It was a Hillsong worship song playing in the background. Coincidence? No. I don’t believe in those. I sat there and tried not to cry.


This may have been his beginning… Diagnosis: Abandoned Baby. But it was no longer his future. In a few hours, he would be known as: Found. Welcomed. Loved. Adored. Admired. Cherished. Son. Grandson. Brother. Cousin. Nephew. He would be ours.


After breakfast we headed back to our room to gather our things and head to an office building where we would be united.


After taking a short drive from our hotel to an office building, we were ushered into a white room where we finalized documents and prepared for their arrival.

Then our guide said the words, “Attention everybody. This children are here.” I about lost it.

One by one the children came in and met their families and us them. Tristan was last to enter. I saw his little head and my heart just leaped. I choked back sobs and bent down and welcomed my son. Our worlds FOREVER CHANGED.

I wish I could put into words what this moment felt like. It was surreal, yet absolutely beautiful. It was a moment that these children walked away from everything they ever knew: fear, loneliness, abandonment… to become a part of a loving a cherished family. And these children on our trip found just that. Loving families that adored and have cherished them.


Once we got on the bus, we headed back to the hotel for a quick rest/nap before heading out to take family photos for some official paperwork. And then this moment happened. Be still my heart.

I can’t believe it has been a year since we were united with Tristan. It was a moment I wish I could go back and experience again. Were the days to follow easy? Not in the least. But they were miraculous on SOOOOO many levels. He has been such a HUGE blessing and I cannot imagine life without him. I will be reflecting more on our year home in a later blog… For today, we celebrate that he is an orphan no more!

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