A Year Ago Today || Finding Place - November 14, 2017

A Year Ago Today || Finding Place - November 14, 2017

November 14, 2017

Our first night together went better than I expected. I put Tristan to sleep in the carrier and then gently laid him down in my bed. He slept on my chest for much of the night, with his head over my heart.

The next day we had another full morning of going to the Shanghai Registration Center of Marriage and Adoption. Here we did more official paperwork with the city of Shanghai. After a long-ish morning of doing “official business,” we headed back to the hotel for nap.


Little man had a good nap, while Mommy ate dumplings and Jerry and Brooklynn explored Shanghai together.


Once up from his nap, we set out to see a little bit of Shanghai, which reminded me of NYC. It is one big concrete jungle with tall malls EVERYWHERE. And by malls, I mean shopping malls. I have never seen so many shops and stores in my life. It was impressive!


While we were out, Jerry also found Tristan’s finding place. Here is what I wrote a year ago today:

“On December 31, 2015 a little boy was left outside this building on a bench. A security guard found him and brought him inside to the Maternity and Children's Hospital of Shanghai. I believe he was loved. I believe they wanted him to live and could not give him the help he needed. I believe it was agonizing for them to make the decision to abandon their child. And I also believe (and know) Jesus surrounded that child with angels that protected him and watched over him while he waited almost 2 years for us to get to him.

We are not heros. We do not have endless funds. We are people who heard God calling us to take care of widows and orphans and this is how He said to do it. I wouldn't replace this experience or journey for the world. We are just 1 out of 6 families blessed by these amazing children who have waited far too long.

We have all shed tears while on this trip. And tonight as I stood outside this building and walked around looking at all the benches, I felt overwhelming emotions for the mother who said goodbye to her son. And for tonight, wanting to tell her he is safe, protected, and most importantly, loved.”


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