Doubt Destroys

Doubt Destroys

Doubt is a thief.

It takes our hopes, dreams, desires, and turns them into fear. And fear is paralyzing.

But what if you STOPPED doubting? What if you looked doubt in the face and crushed it? What if you said, “I CAN” instead of “I can’t.” What if you said, “I am doing it anyways?”

Doubt may be your own inner voice. It may also be the voices around you. When it is our inner voice, it becomes a personal battle. When it is the voices of other people’s insecurities because they couldn’t imagine themselves with the same hopes, dreams, desires, etc… their fears become your fears, and it is time to walk away.

Stop doubting.

Stop listening to the negative voices around you and IN you.

You have these dreams for a reason. You have hopes on purpose. You have a passion to pursue something GREAT. So, work hard and make it happen.

When I started my photography business over a decade ago , the doubt was REAL. But my drive and determination was even stronger. I had inner voices and voices around me that told me the odds of succeeding would be hard. So I took it as a challenge, not a defeat.

When I started working out consistently 5 years ago, the drive to start was there. The plateau came, but I worked hard and pushed passed it to get results. And it wasn’t just physical results but mental as well.

So what are you dreaming for? Better health? Fitness? A job? Starting a business? What?


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