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Camping People vs Hotel People

Tents vs Trailers.

Okay - Here’s the deal. I grew up camping. Every Labor Day weekend my family would join a huge group of other families from our church and we would all go camping. It was a blast and I love the memories.

But now I’m that parent with this one kid who keeps asking me (obviously it’s Brooklynn) to go camping and “how much fun it would be” to go camping.

How I Survived Chuck E Cheese's

I had a goal in life as a parent: NEVER ENTER CHUCK E. CHEESE’S.

Okay - maybe it wasn’t a goal. But in all honesty, I have never had a strong desire to take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese. I envisioned it to be SUPER chaotic, tiny humans running all over the place, and the environment to both smell of child sweat and sugar. Not to mention, Chuck is a large rat, which I understand he was rebranded in the 90’s to be a mouse, but come on, he’s straight up creepy looking.

Speaking Engagement

In college I chose to get my B.A. Degree in Organizational Communication. Essentially, it is a business leadership degree, that I really truly enjoyed. Although, when I graduated, the “now what?” came on strong. I had NO clue what to do with this degree. I floundered and was frustrated and felt a tad lost. Okay, maybe not a tad lost, I was totally lost on “what I wanted to do with my life.” A place I think many graduates feel.

I didn’t have a specific vocation in mind. Unlike someone graduating with a nursing degree or teaching degree, my beloved Organizational Communication degree left me pathless.

Mama Bear Came Out [Inside]

I had my first mama-bear moment when something was said about Tristan. My claws came out, the hackles went up, and I had to retract them and walk away.

I have heard of people saying stupid things about adoptees, but so far, have only experienced it once in our year home with him.

Intentional Investment

I have noticed now, more than ever, that our conversations and my time with her are and must be filled with intentional investment. She is watching, gleaning, and mimicking my every move. She is watching how I communicate, respond, interact with, and treat the world and relationships around me.

Family Photos by Kim Charie Photography

It has been almost a year that Tristan has been home. I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by and how much has changed over this past year for Tristan as well as our family. God has richly blessed us beyond our imaginations over this last year that only He can receive all the glory.

Dear Moms, You Don't Have to Wait!

One of the many "lies" I have heard said by stay-at-home moms, is that their life, dreams, desires, goals, fitness, travel, passions, etc. have to be placed on hold because kids are in the picture. That their life has to stop to raise children. Their place is on the floor playing pat-a-cake and engaging with their children every waking moment and that their passions need to be placed on hold "for a season" to solely raise their children. Even in the 21st century I have heard this said. And I HAVE to debunk that and say: THAT IS NOT TRUE.

Daily Devotionals for Kids and Family

I have heard it said from parents that they don't know where to start when it comes to teaching their children about God at home. I get it. There's a lot of information out there, a lot of devotionals that, honestly, cheapen the Gospel or over simplify the awesomeness of God.

I thought I would share a few things that we have really loved and have and currently are using